• Patty
    • 400 g Beef (Shoulder)
    • Salt
    • Pepper
  • Burger
    • Patty
    • Oil (to cook your patties)
    • Bun (of your choice)
    • Butter (to toast your buns)
    • Toppings (of your choice)
Beef Burger

Beef Burger

02. May 2023
The burger patties are juicy and made with self ground beef. Use buns and toppings of your choice.
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  • Patty
    • 400 g Beef (Shoulder)
    • Salt
    • Pepper
  • Burger
    • Patty
    • Oil (to cook your patties)
    • Bun (of your choice)
    • Butter (to toast your buns)
    • Toppings (of your choice)

Table of Contents

  1. Preparation
  2. Grinding the Beef
  3. Making the Patties
  4. Toast your Buns
  5. Cook your Patties
  6. Build your Burger
  7. Video


Put your meat grinder into the freezer overnight.

Put your beef into the freezer one hour before starting.

Grinding the Beef

Cut your beef into small chunks to make them fit into the meat grinder and then grind it.

Meat grinder that is grinding beef

Making the Patties

Season your ground beef with salt and pepper and mix it in well.

Ground beef getting salted
Ground beef getting peppered
Ground beef getting mixed with seasoning
Finished mixing showing a big meat ball

Form equally sized balls of 100 g each and then flatten them into thin patties.

Forming a small ball
Four formed balls on a plate
Flattening meat between hands to a thin patty
Flattened patty showing on a hand
Four patties on a plate

Toast your Buns

Spread some butter on your buns and toast them on medium heat until golden brown.

Butter spread on a bun
Two puns, four halves with buttered side down in a pan
Taking golden brown buns out of a pan

Cook your Patties

Put some oil into a pan and heat it on medium-high.

Pan being filled with oil from a big height

Insert your patties and cook until they are slightly brown. Press them periodically with a spatula to keep them flat. Then flip the patties and if you want, put some cheese on them.

Raw patties in a pan being cooked
Spatula pressing on a patty
Patties are flipped to show the slightly brown side
Cheese laying on the patties

Then cook until the other side is slightly brown as well. If you have put cheese on them, cover the pan with a lid to easier melt the cheese.

Lid on a pan
Patties with cheese being taken out of the pan

Build your Burger

Take the bottom of your bun and spread some sauce (in our case, ketchup made with dried tomatoes) on it.

Ketchup from a bottle landing on the bun
Ketchup being spread on the bun

Put your patty on it, and add your toppings.

If using tomatoes, preferably use a beefsteak tomato, because it is less juicy and therefore won't make your buns soggy.

Salad is always a good choice, rocket in our case. And also onion, in this case marinated with a bit of balsamic vinegar.

Patty on the ketchup covered bun
Rocket on the cheese covered patty
Beefsteak tomato on the rocket
Onion on tomato

Then end it with another bit of sauce on the top bun and complete your burger.

Ketchup being spread on the bun
Top bun being put on the rest of the burger
Finished burger being shown on a plate


For a moving explanation please see the following video:

YouTube Video

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